Democracy begins on the internet!
Vladimir alekseevich shmelev [on february, 15th 2010, 17:42]

The author of the project the democrat.

Vladimir shmelev was born in 1980 in a family of science officers. its childhood was necessary for a difficult epoch of reorganisation, putsch, disintegration of the ussr, falling of communistic dictatorship and the first years of building of the russian federation. it is no wonder that since young years vladimir it is live was interested in an event in the country. already in 16 years, only having arrived on the first course of university, it with friends the same students establishes social movement the first free generation, the next years noted by variety of bright public actions (renaming of monuments to figures of a communistic mode in monuments to the actors playing their roles; a series of actions in support of the russian culture; competitions of oratorical skill politicians of the xxi-st century, large-scale antinarcotic campaign and many other things), and also consecutive struggle for introduction in the country of high-grade local government. within the limits of this struggle already in 21 year vladimir stood in deputies of the moscow municipal duma, and in 2010 has confidently won elections of deputies of municipal meeting "horoshevsky", not only having won first place from almost 20 candidates, but also having held the block of the adherents who have received 5 deputy mandates from 10 in municipal meeting. we will notice that these elections could and not take place, if in 2010 movement the first free generation has not carried case in the supreme court from the government of moscow, having obliged luzhkov's mayoralty to enter in capital the local government, put to a city under the constitution.

By 2000 movement the first free generation has turned from inter-regional to the all-russia, active young men uniting thousand in more than 50 regions of the country. therefore it is no wonder that in may, 2010 vladimir shmelev together with adherents creates political party new right, standing simultaneously on democratic and patriotic positions. at shmelev's constituent congress unanimously choose the chairman of the board which duties it and carries out till today.

Besides political activity vladimir specialises on studying of slavic languages. having ended the russian state humanitarian university on a speciality "linguistics", now it is the post-graduate student of institute of russian of the russian academy of sciences where works over the dissertation about the policy modern language.


Simeon bocharov [on march, 22nd 2010, 01:30]
By the way, about the new right. it seems that my letter on foreign branch was lost in party archives. whether shmelev most should carry out all functions and consequently to it on what there is no time, whether device work is put worse than ever...
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