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How to privatize apartment

Now in the state duma of the russian federation the project of the federal law" about introduction in action of the housing code of the russian federation "according to which prolongation On two Year (till january, 1st, 2010) law period of validity" about available housing privatisation in the russian federation "is provided is developed. according to the specified bill registration of free transfer to the property of citizens (privatisation) of premises received On the terms of Social hiring till january, 1st, 2010 will be carried out only till january, 1st, 2010. thus premises given under contracts of social hiring after january, 1st, 2010 will not be subject any more to free transfer to the property of citizens. .. at muscovites is still At least Two years For registration Of privatisation occupied with them under the contract of social hiring of premises. thus For acceptance Of the decision on privatisation of the apartment it is necessary for muscovites to represent clearly and accurately - in what a difference between the proprietor (proprietors citizens become after privatisation registration) and the employer. it is necessary to consider and weigh well all pro's and con's. unfortunately, the majority of people is unfamiliar with the maintenance of articles of the operating civil code of the russian federations speaking about duties of the proprietor under the maintenance of the property. unlike the employer who rents the area at a city, and, accordingly, it is socially protected, the proprietor to the full bears burden of responsibility for risk of destruction of property belonging to it (in this case - apartments), including and for the reasons not dependent on it. besides, possible in the future change of a tax policy in the russian federation also, basically, will concern increases in payments of the proprietor. certainly, now the proprietor of unique premises and the employer pay forВы можете воспользоваться поиском по метро или, проститутки.

Habitation actually The same sum, i.e. pay only a part of real expenses of city On these The purposes. however acceptance of the new housing code, obviously, becomes serious step to a reduction direction to conformity of the housing and civil legislation. it is considered that all houses in which there are privatised apartments - the city property and a city should incur expenses under the maintenance of all general equipment of the house and territories. however the civil code of the russian federation (item 289) provides active and direct participation in all it the proprietor since at privatisation in the property of citizens passes not only apartment, but also shares in right To all The general premises in the house, to contain which too all proprietors are obliged. it is necessary to notice that changes occurring in the federal legislation it is already actively used by unfair realtor and-or criminal structures which it is artificial force conditions, spread rumours and fictitious lists that creates good base To pumping out Of means from the population. now privatisation process goes according to the current legislation, the department of a housing policy and available housing of a city of moscow accepts all possible on its acceleration and optimisation. with a view of work normalisation on enrolment of citizens For registration Of free transfer to the property (privatisations) of premises the department spends also a number of organizational measures: reception time is increased (to last visitor), thus enrolment of citizens is conducted every day, including and in the days off. especially it is necessary to pay attention of muscovites that department managements in administrative districts have started the enrolment of citizens, wishing to issue Documents on privatisation Of premises occupied with them, in a mode "one window". today it is enough to citizen to put in the statement for desire To privatise apartment, having put to it copies of passports (birth certificates) of all members of a family registered to the given address. the detailed information on work in a mode "one window" see here here again. also muscovites can address in the uniform center of privatisation For preparation Of documents For privatisation And the state registration of property rights On inhabited Premises in moscow. all tariffs of center For registration Of documents 10 .

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