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Crediting of youth habitation
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Preferential crediting of building

Soft loans On building (reconstruction) or acquisition of premises are given to the young family under the lists made with observance of sequence of citizens, living conditions needing improvement, and confirmed accordingly regional executive committees, the minsk executive committee of the city soviet of people's deputies, the ministry of defence, the social protection ministry, the ministry of internal affairs, the ministry of emergency measures, committee for state security, the state committee of frontier troops, security service of the president of byelorussia, committee of the state control, management of railway armies.

Out of turn in the specified lists can be included:

The citizens fulfilling a military or office duty in afghanistan or in other countries where operations (soldiers-internationalists) were conducted;

The military men transferred to the reserve (resignation) till december, 2nd, 1992, except military men of involuntary service and cadets of military schools;

Members of families of victims or the missing military men, the guerrilla and the underground workers, lost (died) owing to wounds, contusions, mutilations, the diseases received in operations in days of the great patriotic war, and also military men, persons of commanding and ordinary structure of the law-enforcement bodies, the lost military at performance military or office debt in afghanistan or in other countries where operations (and equally missing in areas of conducting operations) were conducted, or at execution of military (office) duties;

The citizens which premises as a result of act of nature, technogenic and social disasters became unsuitable For residing;

Children-orphans and the children without parental support who were in child care centres, at relatives, under guardianship (guardianship), upon termination of stay in child care centres, at relatives, trustees (trustees) or from their consent after training in the higher, average special, professional educational institution, upon termination of service life in armed forces of byelorussia if behind them the premises have not remained or if they cannot be installed for other reasons in premises which have left;

The citizens living in premises, recognised when due hereunder unsuitable For residing;

Sick of the active form of a tuberculosis;

The experts directed by state structures For work In countryside;

Invalids and participants of the great patriotic war and the persons equal to them when due hereunder;

Large families;

The minimum consumer budget For family Makes of 4 persons 244400 = the belarus roubles (it is confirmed by the decision of the ministry of labour and social protection 3 from 16.01.2010.)

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