Democracy begins on the internet!
Democracy begins on internet [on february, 15th 2010, 17:46]

Democracy is the power of the people. the russian people are we, the people living in russia. russia is a democratic state, means, we and should supervise over the country.

To construct the democratic state it is impossible without free and responsible citizens. the people responsible before self, the family, a city, village in which live, before the country, before the future generations. the people participating in a country government, realised values of a democratic society  democrats.

Russia is the country stretched on 11 time zones, to unite democrats from kaliningrad to vladivostok, it is possible by means of the internet  places where everyone can express the opinion and to be listened by others.

Our association should not be constructed on distribution of places in service records of the next pre-election project financed by oligarchical groupings or the western groups of influence. we can unite only through an articulation of the political positions. through joint experience of an event in the country.

Together, offering the point of view and considering other, we will create the democratic future for russia, for ourselves and for the whole world.

Democracy begins on the internet!


Alexey timofeev [on march, 21st 2010, 10:30]
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Simeon bocharov [on march, 22nd 2010, 01:28]
The manifesto as the manifesto. it is not necessary to overestimate its importance in strategic prospect. the main point, whether will pour out it in concrete affairs. i here am unsteady on the most different sites long enough time, but till now have not found a worthy point of application of forces. in the small or recently formed groups of adherents of each new member perceive exclusively as on sponsor's resources, in large - do not notice in general. the salary or a post in party structure is not necessary to me - it would be desirable to be something big, than a voice scandalous in desert.

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herring [on june, 16th 2010, 00:33]
In an internet begins not democracy chatter. and chatter to business you will not help. and movement begins then. when can give to the members possibility to work on idea moderately desire and possibilities - not as at khakamadas - where one great, and the others on meetings with headers stand - and so that everyone could understand what exactly here it can be realised - moderately abilities certainly, but he should define or understand this measure itself - instead of to go on a long hierarchical chain. itself plainly i do not know while as it is necessary)
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