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Is new year a new stage in life of each person and in life of its country. the editorial collective, political magazine "far east federal district" this year should make the first steps. ahead - interesting time of revival of the far east of russia. preconditions to it are. edges, areas, autonomous regions and republic do not live any more separate "princedoms". all understand what to solve problems it is necessary together. our region was and remains an integral part of russia in all senses - in political, economic, cultural and information. >> the magazine "far east federal district" .

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In the first numbers with which you can get acquainted on our site, we have tried to designate a circle that and problems which, in our opinion, are most actual for today's life of the far east of russia and for its future. we hope that development of these by that in some measure will help moscow to see and understand further better that actually occurs on east boundaries of the huge country, and to far east territories, in turn, will help to operate with economy and the politician moreovercoming inertonly disturbing to the far east to go forward more dynamically difficult road of reforms.

Magazine "" has arisen not for no reason. at the heart of its oldest in far east The newspaper "priamursky sheets" (year of the basis of 1894) and the largest in a zone of the far east and siberia The publishing house "priamursky sheets", for a long time having in the structure of the special and own correspondents who have passed in due time fine school.

In a sense the information field of our edition is a platform for discussion of the most actual problems of district and formation of a uniform voice of the far east. already today magazine "" extends on the majority of territories of region. the considerable part of circulation goes and to the federal centre. there it is received in the federation council, by presidential administration of the russian federation, security council, the ministries and departments. more recently our magazine is brought in the all-russia subscription catalogue of periodicals. periodicity of an exit of magazine "far east federal district" this year - once in two months. from next year the magazine will leave monthly.

Your assistance in magazine release is necessary for us. we would like, that professionals co-operated with us - managers and scientists, experts of branches and businessmen. if you have a sight at the problems lifted by magazine, - write to us: dfo@cforel.rupop.redcom