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Magazine is registered by the ministry of the russian federation of affairs of the press, tele-radio broadcasting and means of mass communications, the certificate on registration 77-11169 from 12.11.2010-11-14. The founder and publisher - limited liability company "publishing house" priamursky sheets " (the licence for publishing 02997).

The subscription to the second half of the year 2010 can be issued in any post office in all territory of russia. a subscription index in the all-russian catalogue 80662.

You also can subscribe through the publishing house" priamursky sheets ", having sent the demand in any form with instructions of the mailing address, and to receive magazine already from the second number which leaves in april, 2010. the price of one number at a subscription through edition of 66 roubles.

услуги детектива распечатка звонков детализация смс. . реклама в одинцово